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VISIT : 104th Indian Science Congress, Tirupati


Quotation for Supply and Installation of Audio Wired Conference System Against Buyback of Existing Ahuja Audio Conference System, Dt. 08.03.2017

Quotation for Printing of Life Membership Cards In Ivory Board and supply of Plastic Jacket, Dt. 03.03.2017

Quotation for Purchase of Ceiling & Exhaust Fans, Dt. 03.03.2017

Quotation for Printing of Guidelines of ISCA, Dt. 02.03.2017

Quotation for General Information Booklet, Dt. 02.03.2017

Quotation for Printing of Regulations & Byelaws, Dt. 02.03.2017

Quotation for Printing of Annual Report, Dt. 02.03.2017

Quotation for Printing of Plain Envelope, Dt. 02.03.2017

Quotation for Purchase of 1 No. UPS for ISCA Office, Dt. 02.03.2017

Quotation for Purchase of 8 Nos. of Geysers with installation charges, Dt. 02.03.2017

Quotation for Reminder 2017-2018, Dt. 10.02.2017

Quotation for ISCA Directory, Dt. 06.02.2017

Quotation for General Bod Minutes - 2017, Dt. 06.02.2017

Quotation for Award Nomination Forms, Dt. 06.02.2017

Quotation for Purchase of 1 No. Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, Dt. 03.02.2017

Purchase of 2 Nos. of Wooden Computer Table, Dt. 02.02.2017

Quotation for Purchase of 3 Nos. of Laserjet Printers for ISCA Office, Dt. 02.02.2017

Quotation for Deployment of 6 Nos. Security Guards at ISCA Office, Dt. 02.02.2017

Extension of Tender Date for Electrical Works, Dt. 22.11.2016

Quotation for Making and Installation of Glow Sign, Dt. 18.11.2016

Quotation for Medals, Dt. 15.11.2016

Quotation for Electrical Works, Dt. 09.11.2016

Quatation for Focal Theme booklet of 103rd ISC, Dt. 14.10.2016

Quotation for Hot and Cold Water Purifier, Dt. 29.09.2016

Quotation for Refrigerator, Dt. 18.10.2016

Quotation for Miscellaneous Items for ISCA Store, Dt. 16.09.2016

Quotation for printing of Certificates, Dt. 31.08.2016

Quotation for printing of abstracts, Dt. 31.08.2016

Quotation for Biometric device, Dt. 31.08.2016

Quotation for Miscellanceous Items, Dt. 17.08.2016
List for Miscellanceous Items

Quotation for Purchase of Printer, Dt. 12.08.2016
Specifications required for the Purchase of New Printer

Quotation for 1 No. TB External Hard disk drive, Dt. 12.08.2016

Quotation for Biometric device, Dt. 10.08.2016

Installation of early streamer emission type lightning arrester at The Indian Science Congress Association building, 14, Dr. Biresh Guha Street, Kolkata., Dt. 04.07.2016, Dt. 04.07.2016

Quotation for Purchase of Digital Photocopier machine against buy back of Cannon IR 2018N, Dt. 28.06.2016

Quotation for Ballot Paper and Agenda of General Body & List of Nomination, Dt. 20.06.2016

Quotation for different types of Envelopes, Dt. 20.06.2016

Quotation for 2 Nos. of 1 KVA Offline UPS, Dt. 20.06.2016

Quotation for General Information booklet with envelope, Dt. 18.04.2016

Quotation for Annual Report, Dt. 18.04.2016

Notice inviting Tender and instruction to Tenderers, Dt. 02.03.2016

Quotation for Roof Treatment, Dt. 20.01.2016

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