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Professor Hira Lal Chakravarty Award

With a donation from Professor Hiral Lal Chakravarty and his wife Shrimati Toru Chakravarty, this award was instituted in 1984 to honour talented young scientists (below 40 years of age) who have carried out significant research in Botany within the country. Till 1998 Ten awards were given. From 1999 onwards only one award is being given annually.

The award carries a cash amount of Rs. 4,000/- and a Certificate. The awardee is entitled to T.A. (Train Fare- A.C.III Tier within the country) as per ISCA rules for attending the respective Session of the Science Congress in which he/she will receive the award.

The awardee is required to deliver a lecture on the topic of his/her specialization during the Annual Session of The Indian Science Congress Association in the Section of Plant Sciences.

Nominations for the award are invited from members of ISCA Council and from the Heads of Universities/IITs, Research Institutes and Learned Societies.

The Executive Committee of the Association in its meeting held on October 13,2012 resolved that a person shall not be eligible for more than one award /lecture in his/her lifetime. No one (except ISCA young scientist awardees ) shall be given the second ISCA award under any circumstances.

The Executive Committee in its meeting held on January 01,2019 resolved that while selecting ISCA awardees for ISCA awards their H index and Citation index (in SCOPUS and Google Scholar ) would be taken into account.


The age of the candidate must be below 40 years on December 31 of the year preceding the award;

The Candidate must have Ph.D degree in any branch of Botany-either pure or applied;

The award is given on original independent published work carried out in India within three years prior to the award.

The Executive Committee in the Meeting held on October 15, 2019 resolved that for this Sectional award any life member of Five years of standing or continuous Annual Member of not less than Five years of standing as on July 31 each year and also with Ten years of teaching and research experience in University/ College or as a scientist in Government recognized Laboratory/ Institution can be nominated by a Council member.

It is also recommended that the heads of the organizations which are providing funds to ISCA in any form cannot be nominated for consideration of any award.

The final selection is made by a Selection Committee comprising the General President, Two general secretaries and Treasurer out of the candidates nominated.

In case the donor intends to have his/her representative in the Selection Committee, the Committee will also include such a representative provided the donor aggress to meet the cost of participation of his/her representative in the Selection Committee.

The last date for receiving application (in prescribed form) is July 31 each year.

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