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ISCA Fellowship ( FISC)

Guidelines of ISCA Fellowship ( FISC)

The main objective of ISCA is to advance and promote cause of Science in India, recognize and support excellence in scientific research, technologies and innovations. The outstanding achievements and sustainable significant contributions to sciences are determining criteria for selecting fellows.


Every nominee shall be proposed and recommended by a certificate in writing signed by two ISCA fellows.

The awardee shall be eligible for using the title FISC along with her/his qualifications.

Fellows, whose number shall not exceed 1000, will be elected on the basis of distinguished contributions to new knowledge and for promotion and application of Science & Technology for social welfare. They shall be elected on the basis of their scientific contributions in terms of documentation, publication, patents. Fellow selection include Candidate’s Biographical details, Academic career and professional attainments, Intellectual property, Technological improvement and List of Ten important publications.

In addition to Indian scientists and Overseas Citizens of India, distinguished Non-Resident Indians, having Indian citizenship who have outstanding research work to their credit, may be nominated and be considered for the Fellowship of the ISCA.

A Fellow may nominate up to three candidates each year for election to the Fellowship of the Association.

Eligibility - A person with minimum of 15 years of ISCA Life Membership shall be eligible for fellowship.

Nominations made for the Fellowship of the Association shall remain in good standing for a period of three years. A scientist whose nomination for Fellowship has remained in good standing for a period of 3 years and who is not elected during this period, may be re-nominated after a gap of 2 years. During the period that a nomination remains in good standing, it should be updated every year. The General Secretary will write to one of the Fellows who has nominated the candidate to update the bio data of the nominee.

A list of scientists duly nominated with their qualifications shall be compiled from the nomination papers by the General Secretary and put on the website of the Association a hard copy would be sent to the members of the Scrutiny Committee, one month in advance. The Fellowship Scrutiny Committee will scrutinize nominations and shall send its recommendations to the Council. The Council will further scrutinize the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee and shall have the power to delete any name from the list, but it cannot add any new name. Fellowship selection include all branch of Science (Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Agriculture, Medical Sciences etc.).

The number of fellowship shall be 20 per annum with at least one fellow for each section.

The number of Foreign fellows shall be maximum of 5 per annum.

Nomination papers along with the certificate by two ISCA fellows and consent of nominee shall reach the General Secretary( membership affairs) on or before 10th September.

The nominee / proposer / seconder shall have the right to withdraw his/her nomination in writing to the General Secretary (Membership Affairs) by 25th September.

Nomination papers for Fellowship can be obtained by a fellow, free of cost ,by writing to the Executive Secretary of the ISCA at the address given below :


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Executive Secretary,
Indian Science Congress Association,
14 Biresh Guha Street,
Kolkata 700 017,
Fax : 033 2287 2551,
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